Ancient Silver Disks: UFO or OFU???

Ancient Etching of Silver Disk

Fig 1: Ancient Etching of A Mysterious Silver Disk

The early history of Mankato is shrouded in mystery and legend. It is known that the Underwater City was built about 4000 B.C. and many native legends describe "Gods who arrived in the area in great silver glowing disks" who helped the native people build it along with a great pyramid. It is also known that the city was covered with water in about 1256 B.C.

Fig 2: Pot Etching
Found at the Mankato State University Archaeology Site

Figures 1 and 2 are photographs of sand carved etchings that were discovered during the Stoddard/Milet expeditionary digs of 1907.

Pedro Stoddard (a.k.a. PS) and Chaquita A. Milet, (a.k.a. CAM) arrived in Mankato in 1905 from Tijuana, Iowa. After several odd jobs at the University, PS and Associate Vice-President CAM made a unique discovery. During the summer of 1906, while digging a cesspool for Prez DeScy, the two men discovered several ancient blue bottles containing pieces of uniquely etched pottery containing ancient writings believed to be from the original builders of the Underwater City.

Work was stopped on the dig as the temperatures dropped to the high 60's during the "Heavy Winter of '06". A "Great Room" was uncovered during the 1907 dig. These pottery etchings were found in that room. After a series of mysterious deaths among the expeditions diggers, the mysterious "Curse of Fran" was reluctantly revealed. This curse stated that "...all who tread in this room will die of impotency organo-atrophy". Both men died alone (but side-by- side in an IFO collegial embrace) and mysteriosly during the winter of 1907. Unfortunately, the location of the "Great Room" remains a mystery to this day! A reward is still being offered for its timely discovery.

Egyptian Disk

Fig 3: Egyptian Disk
Etching found carved on Rosetta Stone

Figure 3 is a photograph of an etching found on the Rosetta Stone in the great pyramid of Cheops in Eqypt in 1917. Notice the similarities among the three figures!!


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