Visit Mankato's Underwater City

The Underwater City

One of the most fascinating parts of Mankato cannot be seen by the casual observer. It can only be seen when you strap on an oxygen tank and dive beneath the crystal clear waters of the Minnesota River. It is the Underwater City of Mankato. This is one of Mankato's prime tourist attractions. Imagine diving into the warm sparkling-clear waters of the Minnesota River in December when the rest of Minnesota is well below freezing!
No one knows exactly how it got there but it was known in Indian legends for centuries. Was it the mythical Atlantis? Many renowned scientists say "Yes, it is!"

The Underwater City
The Underwater City

"Recent discoveries have pointed to the building of this city about 4000 B.C.," says Dr. Seymour Bottoms, world famous astrogeologist at Mankato State University. "At this time early Indians settled in the Emerald Green Valley and built the city next to the Minnesota River. The city was covered with water in about 1256 B.C. when the first of a series of major earth tremors shook the region."

"A very interesting Indian legend tells the story of the city founders," says Dr. Bottoms. "According to this legend, the city was founded and built by Gods who arrived in the area in great silver glowing disks. They befriended the Indians, taught them strange building techniques and left after two generations! Several legends even mention a pyramid that was built as a homing beacon that was later swallowed up by an earth tremor in about 1300 B.C.!"

The Underwater City


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