Celebrate Submarine Days

Submarine Surface

"Riding an Atomic Submarine!"

Twice a year, once in the summer, and once in the dead of winter, Mankato comes alive with Submarine Days. This week of festivites celebrates the great Mankato Submarine Industry.

Periscope view
Periscope view
ship hit

"Let's get that Bandit!"
Shot a real torpedo!!!
"Got it!!"

A Submarine Days Thrill!

There is no other place on earth were you can cruise on board an atomic submarine as it goes on sea trials in the Minnesota River. Board the USS City Of Mankato as she goes through mock drills and battles, speed dives and missile firings. Every child onboard gets the opportunity to shoot a live torpedo in the famous "Battle of Lost Ships". Or view the festivites as you picnic on the beach or watch the "Samurai Surfers" dodge torpedos as they ride the waves to shore! (Bet you can't hit just one!!! ;-)

ship sinking

"Carnible Cruise Ship MS Minnesota Sun sunk by
12 year old Elisa Doolittle during last years celebration!"


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