Celebrate the Winter Solenoid

"Hurt Me, Hurt Me Mistress Zeta!"


Winter Solenoid Celebration On River Back Street

Fireworks over 
the Minnesota RiverGrease your body to slip through the crowds 
during Winter Solenoid

Fireworks over the Minnesota River in our beautiful city and grease your body to slip through the crowds during Winter Solenoid!

One of the oldest traditions in Mankato is the annual Winter Solenoid Celebration. It is usually held three days after the second Tuesday before the third Wednesday in December. The exact origins of this celebration is not known. It is known that it predates the first white residents. It was believed to have been started by the Facowee Indians in 1712.2 B.C. as an appeasement for the domination by Mistress Zeta, Leatherwoman of the Plains.

Winter Solenoid is traditionally held on the coldest day of the year. On this day everyone puts on their tee shirts and Bermuda shorts and makes a hot dish, bars and a Jello mold for everyone to share! So dress down, grab your Jello mold, and hit the streets yelling "Hurt Me! Hurt Me Mistress Zeta!" Family fun for everyone!! You betcha!

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