Mankato's Underwater World Park
Hotel Reuter Unter der River

Fun for the whole family!!!


Under the Beautiful Minnesota River

Mankato Under Water World Park
Walk under the beautiful waters of the Minnesota River in a steaming, high humidity space age plastic tube! You will never realize how nice and sweet fresh air is until you have experienced this mile long walk for yourself. It is like being locked in an overheated sauna or the men's room at the Mankato bus station. Enjoy the fear on your childs face, the anguish in your significant other's (male, female, bi, di, tri) eyes...the ecstasy of terror!! Can you smell it? Truly an experience you will never forget! Remember, wear a raincoat (clothing optional)!


The Hotel Reuter Unter der River

The Hotel Reuter Unter der River was recently opened by Der U-Boot-Kommandant, der Gott seinen Männern war Stephan Reuter. It can be inconviently located past the large humidifier on the port side of the space age plastic tube.

Enjoy dinner in the steamy Squid Room!

Spend the night in the hot, moist
and stuffy Hotel RUR!

The Hotel Reuter Unter der River offers inconvient special rates for all of the special dates and holidays. Check with tripple 'a' or your favorite realtor! Dining plans also available. Dining reservations advisble.

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