A Letter from Jack Shaw
Tourist from Germany

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From: IN%"jsh@software-ag.de
To: IN%"descy@VAX1.Mankato.MSUS.EDU"
Subj: RE: Just a note to say thanks...
Date: Wed, 11 Sep 1996 11:52:58 -0700
From: Jack Shaw
Subject: Re: Just a note to say thanks...

Dear Dr. Descy PUd,

Thanks to your informative and revealing website, I and a companion took advantage of the many and varied vacation attractions you mentioned. Perhaps the most intriguing and certainly for me, most memorable, is the whale-watching as they make their summer migration up the Minnesota River. I just wish we had been able to complete the expedition to the mating ponds of the upper Minnesota delta. Unfortunately, our stay was short, due to the (thankfully not too serious) injuries my companion incurred while attempting to feed a baby mammoth sturgeon during our whale-watching trip on the Minnesota. The sturgeon, which often accompany the whales on their upstream migration, are themselves a rare sight. Unfortunately, our dingy was caught between the baby and its mother, and this resulted in a mishap as my companion attempted to attract the baby with a handful of cheese nachos.

The HMS Minnow
1st Class Whale Watch Boat

Thar She Breachs!! Scores of whales are
in the Minnesota River!

The mother sturgeon apparently took this as an attack on the younger one and rammed our boat, throwing my companion into the river where he was immediately set upon by other sturgeon. Thanks to the quick efforts of the members of the Mankato Bottlewhale and Bottomfeeder Watchers who sponsor the whale-watching expeditions, my companion fared rather well. While a pair of these brave people immediately sprang into the swirling melee to rescue my companion, the others distracted the mother sturgeon by singing "La Macarena" and pounding on the sides of the boat, causing the sturgeon pack to scatter for deeper waters. My friend was rescued and suffered only shock and minor suck marks from lamprey leeches. However, this incident was wholly due to our own ignorance and overexcitement, and should in no way detract from the once-in-a-lifetime thrill it was for us to experience.

After all of this we still spent a wonderful hour watching the antics of at least a score of 'Mankato Bottlewhales' and 'deScy Dings Whales'.

We can only recommend this unique opportunity to anyone looking for as the crowning experience of alifetime!

Please feel free to use this letter as a reference; I can only suggest that those in the Mankato Commerce of Chambers and others critical of your website themselves take advantage of the many perverse distractions in the Mankato area.

Sincerely,J. Shaw,
Darmstadt, Germany


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