Castle Leed in the Mandato Alps


Another Ancient Mericle at Mount Mandato!

Mountain Castle 

Great Leed Castle at Mount Mandato

The oldest continuously living history museum in the middle upper southern Goosed Mountain range is the Great Castle Leed. Great Castle Leed was the home of Great Leeder Douglas who started his existence as a free roaming SSU mustang around 401. It is a thrilling ride by donkey to this 18,000 foot above sea level outpost! The view of surrounding Mankato is wonderful. Mystical lights can be seen over the Castle on summer nights. Legend says that they are the ghost thoughts of Leeder Douglas. Thrilling, yet fun! Can you stay here all night? You can try for only $12.50 plus tax and a perishable food item! A wonderful place to leave Grandma and the cat! Visit... stay the night... stay forever!

All Hail the Great Leeder Douglas!

Douglas greets the crowd

Front L to R: Recent Argentine emigre John Doe (CEO of izaN Bio-cloninG, AG), Leeder Douglas Body double Tony "Fat Sally" Scugleony
Rear L to R: Harry Truman, Great Leeder Douglas, Richard Noxin (the former Mrs. Tony "Fat Sally" Scugleony), Elvis Presley (behind curtain).

Great Leeder Douglas greets the crowd on Fish Day!

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