"Dug"Johnson Sauna at Sibley Park

Johnson Sauna at Sibley 

"The "Dug" Johnson Sauna"

Samual Digger (AKA "Dug") Johnson first discovered the medicinal powers of the Sibley Park Hot Springs when he fell in in 1969. Johnson, who had been a long sufferer of skin and genital warts and Spyrigs Disease, was hospitalized overnight for observation. He was released and told to go home.
Johnson did not go home but continued working at the Old Fly Tavern and Orphanage on Belgrade Avenue in North Mankato. He spent most of the rest of the time tinkering with technology and sleeping in his make-shift home on a rock in the middle of the very same hot spring in Sibley Park where he first fell in. As the weeks progressed so did the cure of his ailments. Until one day he went to the town square and declared "Yom Kippur, I am cured!"

The town fathers allowed Digger to set up a permenant Sauna for all to enjoy at Sibley Park Hot Springs. For a nominal tax deductible 'beer money' donation you to can experience the healing magic of another Sibley Park Mankato wonder.


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